Sisters Tour

See you on the road, SISTERS! James Charles, the world-famous makeup artist and digital phenomenon, is coming to a city near you! In his first ever SISTERS TOUR in the United States, guests can expect an evening full of beauty, music and personal conversation with James. This highly immersive and interactive show will make the audience feel like part of the production - with on-stage beauty tutorials, live music, games, an interactive Q&A session, surprise giveaways, exclusive merchandise and much more.


"Hi Sisters! I am so beyond excited to meet all of you guys on my first ever nationwide tour! Seeing you in person is the reason I do what I do and is truly my favorite part of my job. You are not ready for the jam packed shows we have planned - coming soon to a city near you!"
- James Charles

About James Charles

James Charles is a 19 year old makeup artist, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who is shaking up the beauty and digital lifestyle industries.

At the age of 16, he began to play with makeup on his Instagram page. His creative and outside the box looks instantly took off, and after a few viral posts James was noticed by major brands in beauty.

Just one year into the cosmetics world, James signed with Covergirl and became the first male face of a mass beauty brand - skyrocketing him to international fame. Over the last three years, he has worked hard to consistently shake the beauty and YouTube industries with colorful looks, original video concepts and a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Aside from beauty, James is also known for his singing voice, personal style which he proliferates through his clothing brand "Sisters Apparel," and his sharp business- and marketing-tuned mind.

See you on the road, sisters!
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